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Hotel Information

Welcome to Toyota Prestige Hotel')

Toyota city is located almost in the center of Aichi Prefecture, which is almost in the center of Japan. From Toyota city one can go to various parts of Japan by using airplanes or railways.
Toyota city is not only famous for the automobile industry, but also for its beautiful natural sceneries with mountains and rivers in the north and one can enjoy the seasonal sceneries along the mountains and the rivers.
Toyota Prestige Hotel is located in the downtown area of Toyota city, and it is very convenient in transportation and for going shopping.
We are waiting for you to come.

Toyota Prestige Hotel

28, 4 Chome Kitamachi, Toyota, Aichi
TEL: 0565-34-5555
FAX: 0565-34-5565
E-mail: front@prestige-hotel.com

Rates Information

Early arrival price and price for extended stay

The rates of this hotel are for from15:00 the check-in time till 11:00 next morning the check-out time. For those who want to use the hotel before the check-in time or after the check-out time, a predetermined price is charged in addition to the usual rates. Please contact the front desk early in advance for changes in your schedule of stay.
Guests from overseas who arrive earlier than scheduled due to the circumstances of the airplane, guests whose departure time of the return flight is late, or the guests who feel sick usually make use of early arrival and extended stay services.

TimeCharge setting
Early arrival price13:00~
Two hours before check-in
30% of room rate
Four hours before check-in
50% of room rate
The period of time that check-out is uncompleted
100% of room rate (rate for one night)
Price for extended stay11:00~13:00
Two hours after check-out
30% of room rate
Four hours after check-out
50% of room rate
Beginning time of check-in
100% of room rate (rate for one night)


Breakfast and dinner are available.
Breakfast is available from 6:30 am to 9:00 am at the restaurant “grappia” on the second floor.
The charges are: adult: JP\900 (pre-tax price JP\834, consumption tax JP\66) per meal; child: (from 3 years old and older to elementary school students) JP\600 (pre-tax price JP\556, consumption tax JP\44) per meal.
It is free of charge for children younger than 3 years old.
Other than the plan that provides breakfast, it is additionally charged. The plan that provides breakfast includes breakfast charges and please be acknowledged that even if one does not have breakfast, the breakfast charges are not refundable.
The restaurant does not have a regular closing day. However, during the Golden Week holiday (first week of May), O-bon holiday (middle of August) and the Christmas/New Year season, it may close on an irregular base.
Dinner will be prepared according to the requested number of people and budget; therefore, please contact the front desk in advance.

There are 3 restaurants in the hotel.
Please contact the restaurants directly for details.

“ Pizzeria Il Faro” Italian food (stone oven open fire pizza) 0565-42-6468
“Restaurant Bar (Izakaya)SHIN” Original bar(like a hiding place) 0565-31-6882
“Japanese Cooking YUSURA” Japanese cuisine(It is convenient for business negotiations and ceremonial occasions.) 0565-32-0080

Charges for children

The charges for children are as follows:

For children less than 3 years old who share their parents’ (or accompanying adults’) bed, one child is free of charge per each adult guest; but in the case of two children per one adult guest, the price for one child 3 years old or older who shares the adult’s bed is charged.
For children from 3 years old or older to elementary school students who share their parents’(or accompanying adults’)bed, JP\2,200 (pre-tax price JP\2,038, consumption tax JP\162)is charged for one child per each adult guest.

Any type of rooms is available for one adult with one child less than 3 years old.
Double rooms or twin rooms are available for one adult with 2 or more than 2 children who are less than 3 years old.

For children who are junior high school students or older, the same price for adults is charged.
The same price for adults is charged for children who are elementary school students or younger who do not share the adults’ bed.
For guests with children, please make sure not to take your eyes off your children when going out.
Please be acknowledged that the hotel does not have any responsibilities when any accidents occur while only the children are staying in the hotel rooms.


For guests paying at the hotel:
In addition to cash, payment by various kinds of credit cards is also possible at the hotel. Please confirm with the following icons for the credit card companies that are being handled. Please pay attention that for damaged or curved cards, the terminal reading might not be possible partly. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare cash or a number of cards in advance.
For overseas guests, foreign cash is also accepted for payment.
※ The traveler’s checks are not accepted by the hotel after October 31, 2015.

Hotel Accommodations 【detail】

  • pillows
  • amenity
  • paper
  • Wifi
  • #
  • meals
  • meetingroom
  • laundry
  • #
  • VOD
  • CNN
  • TV
  • fittingroom
  • parking